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Berlin – Maps

I spend the last two weeks in Berlin in a workshop – not a Talkshop (cc Till) 🙂 !

We closed a project we were working on the last two years more or less with 12 member countries to this project. Since all of them come from outside Germany, they were interested in communication means to call home. After a short research, we concluded to recommend LEBARA. So far so… but where do we get the SIM card from?

So I applied the same method I described earlier and can highly recommend to visualize geo data without fuzz, plain and fast but draft. So I took the address information of Lebara stores in and around Berlin to located them on a Google Map .

Honestly, I applied an even more sophisticated way to get the adress data in tabular formate. SO Instead creating a CSV file, I used the =IMPORTHTML() function of Google’s Spreadsheets. SUCCESS!

See the results:

The underlying table: