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mapping.withgoogle.com #fb

I started recently the course provided by mapping.withgoogle.com. Not only because I liek mapping, but because I like the functionality of google providing a easy entry into the world of geographical information for everyone. I like there approach, I like their idea of integrating huge parts of infomation on a map for better visualization, and I like it to learn new things to play with and future tasks eaven more simple…

After three lessons a first project is scheduled in the timetable (task „Create a map that communicates geographical information using Maps Engine Lite.“). That is what my result looks like!

I opted for ports in the northern sea as a starting point for further research. In the map you find to layers:

  1. list of six ports in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France
  2. list of ports in neighbouring states to the northern sea from the wikipedia (nevertheless the German version of the list is more detailed)

Ports fascinated me and keep on fascinating me.

I highly recommend the online course for EVERYONE!!! like EVERYONE… I mean E V E R Y O N E !!!

I mean of course, Google Maps is no full GIS, will never be not become in the near future, but it gives a biref glance and awakens in one or the other a desire for geographical information management – and the world will be a bit better tomrrow.

Keep on exploring,

by the way have you seen the new google maps?