Allgemeines unsinn

Nochmal Musik für die Herzschmerzgeplagten

Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams: I wanna dance. With a black woman. I wanna still. My mind. And I want a chance. I want another chance. To distill. That time. And I wanna write. To someone so true. I wanna wake. From hot dreams, hot dreams of you. Oh, hot dreams. I wanna rise. Up beside you. I want to be. A champion in your eyes. I wanna follow through, Follow through on all my promises and threats to you babe. Hot streams will. Fork and divide. I wanna take. Take all of your air. I wanna find. Another daydream, another nightmare. I wanna lie. Lie me down in your stream. I wanna wake. I wanna wake from hot dreams. I wanna wake from hot dreams of you babe (Quelle)