Сайн байна уу Монгол Улс. aka. Hello Mongolia.

I just visited Ulaanbaatar definitely one of my favourite cities in Asia so far. Incredibly dynamic forward minded, yet traditional (and you can see tradition and modernism at each street corner and in the country side. Starting from the bad, civilization connected „values“ like traffic and waste to more culturally impressive and different-from-European point of view, like the monks, the food, and the friendliness of the Mongolian peoples.


In the collage you’ll find some pictures form UB, but also from me riding a horse for the first time ever. We visited also the Chinggis Khan Statue Complex about 70km away from UB.

for staying in UB I highly recommend the AirBnB offers starting from a very low price range to quite some luxurious apartments in the city centre.

I’ll post an update before I gogo…


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